Five Questions you must ask
influencers before you hire them.

When buying traditional media, brands have always asked who is viewing or listening to a program. However, when it comes to social influencers, brands are often only offered a limited insight into the audience they are buying.

At Hivenation, we are changing  that.

Before contracting an influencer to work on a social media campaign for your brand, we always ask the Hive Five - five questions that get to the root of an influencer’s audience.

In order to measure the social engagement and success of your influencer initiative and, ultimately, prove your ROI, it is absolutely essential that you receive these metrics.  

Have you asked the Hive Five? 

1. Is the influencer an authentic fit for your brand?

We use your knowledge of your target customer profile to look for influencers that are the right fit for your campaign goals and align with your overall brand vision and values. 

2. How many impressions does the influencer receive for each post?

We have access to all of our influencers insights. We go beyond overall reach to drill down to how many people will see each of their campaign posts.

3. Where is the influencer’s audience based?

Are they in Australia or overseas? What are the top three locations of the influencer’s followers and do they match your target regions?

4. What is the demographic of the influencer’s audience?

What are the age groups of the audience and the percentage of male to female followers.

5. Has the influencer been nurturing their audience?

Does the influencer aid in the creation of UGC through continued engagement?

Once we have selected the right influencers for your campaign, we can utilise our understanding of your KPIs to help create campaign extensions for your brand's own social communities. 

What other skills we bring to the table

Our extensive media background gives us a strong understanding of the broader media/regulatory environment and ability to identify any potential issues that may impact on content strategy. We identify issues, guide content recommendations and responses, and ensure your campaigns are set up for success.

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